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Kurt’s Musings

This category will include all of the non-photo, sometimes random, and always more personal rants and musings of Kurt Clark.

This section can include anything Kurt feels like writing about and will usually not be related to photography, camera gear, or any of the normal blog posts at all.

People just look right through me at times

Do you ever feel like some people are just looking right through you? Like you don’t even exist, and they are only interested in what’s actually behind you?…
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Added a New #Kurtmoji Gallery for Fun

That moment when you get notification that there is a full #Kurtmoji gallery online now … and think to yourself “did I read that right?” Yep… You Did! I thought it would be fun to have a gallery that showcases and archives all the #Kurtmoji’s that I have used. I will continually add to it as I create and use more of them in the future. Visit the #Kurtmoji gallery…
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