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Nikon D750 w/ 24-120mm 4G Lens and Extras

This is an incredibly awesome camera to say the least, but I just don’t need it, so I am selling my Nikon D750 and accessories. Why you ask? Basically, it’s brand new still and I am not using it at all, and since I have my other gear it makes more sense to let someone else use it instead of letting it sit and depreciate. Go to the Images of…
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Shooting the Milky Way in Indiana

I have been trying for some time to get everything to come together to capture the Milky Way, but have had no success. I figured I would attempt it again in June on a western trip to Telluride and Moab areas… I have seen a lot of shots of the Milky Way from Utah, and more specifically, the Moab and Arches National Park area. Ok, I might actually have a…
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