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People just look right through me at times

Do you ever feel like some people are just looking right through you? Like you don’t even exist, and they are only interested in what’s actually behind you?

Yeah, it happens to me sometimes…. especially when a good looking, shirtless guy is walking his dog!

How did I do this shot?

Well, it is actually 2 shots and a lot of waiting and luck.

I first took the shot of myself with the frame by using my timer… then I had to wait until something interesting came into the frame and exact location where I had been standing, and wanted to show something in the picture frame behind me. Well, I didn’t have to wait, I could have just input another subject, but that’s no fun.

So, finally a guy was walking his dog, I waited until the right time and got the shot I needed to use as my background. A little Photoshop layers work later, and there you have it… an image with part of me being transparent to the guy walking his dog in the background behind me.

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