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A Guide to Shooting in Low Light

I get asked a lot on Instagram and Twitter, How I get good shots at an indoor Horse Show?

The problem that 90% of those people encounter is that the arenas have terrible light, possibly a mix of multiple types, but definitely it’s low light.

Brett over at Photzy has a free guide explaining it.

Here’s an excerpt from Brett…

““How do I deal with shooting in Low-Light situations?”

If you’ve asked this question before, Kent DuFault’s got you covered with this free short guide.

Basically, you’ve got are 3 options:

1. Raise your ISO setting
2. Add additional light
3. Increase your exposure

Each of these options have positives and negatives, depending on the situation at hand.

In this short guide we’ll evaluate all of those options, give you a few quick tips, plus the real trick – A set of questions you can ask yourself to determine the right option for you in each situation!”

Get your free guide here:

…and start shooting indoors!

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