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A Guide to Shooting Macro

I grabbed this guide on shooting macro yesterday from Dan Eitreim and I highly recommend it for the price he’s offering.

Dan’s email excerpt…

“All week long you’ve been working your tail off. You’ve been fighting the traffic, putting up with bosses that really don’t know what they’re doing, stressing about the bills, and so on. I’m sure you get my meaning.

You are looking forward to the weekend so you can grab your camera and get away from it all for a little while. It’s almost a meditative thing that makes putting up with all the other garbage in your life almost bearable! It makes facing the next week almost do-able.

Finally, the weekend is here and you’ve managed to carve out a bit of time for yourself to shoot a few pictures…

But, you can’t think of anything to shoot!

You’ve done TONS of pictures of the kids and they are sick of it! In fact, they take off running when they see you coming with your camera.

You can’t afford the time (or the gas) to head out into the country to track down a decent landscape to take pictures of.

So, you end up forcing the kids to pose again (and neither you nor they are happy with the prospect – and the pictures show it). Or, worse yet – you put away your camera and don’t get that few minutes of stress release you’ve been looking forward to all week.

BTW – If you haven’t experienced a situation like the above – don’t worry, you will.

It’s not just frustrating, it’s downright irritating!


There IS a solution…

Take some close-up or macro photos!

I guarantee, that there is a LIFETIME worth of photo opportunities within sight of where you are sitting right now!

Not only will you be able to have some alone time and have some fun with your hobby, but the photos you will be getting are going to be unique and often downright amazing. Now, when the kids see you with your camera, rather than running away and hiding, they are going to want you to teach them how they can learn to be creative too (just like you).

Here’s a quick 4 question quiz:

1. We often hear the terms “Macro” photography and “Close-up” photography bandied about. Do YOU know the difference? (Is there a difference?)

2. In shooting macro photos… what is the biggest problem we face with our lenses?

A. The largest aperture setting isn’t large enough
B. Lens aberration
C. Inability to focus closely enough
D. They’re too bulky and get in the way

3. What is an easy way to ALWAYS guarantee that your insect, flower or hummingbird photos have a gorgeous background?

4. Do you know how to use a piece of plywood instead of a tripod? AND have it actually work better?

If you know the answer to all of these questions, my newest e-book won’t help you any. You can stop reading this email right now.

If you weren’t really sure of any of the answers… keep reading.

After tons of research and several all-nighters spent writing and rewriting (to make it easy to understand), my newest “On Target Photo Training” e-book is finally done! I’m very happy with it and I think you will be too.

Announcing, (drum roll please)…

“Macro Photography – How To Shoot Tiny Stuff”

I’m (temporarily) offering this newest addition to the photo training series at a HUGE discount to YOU, my loyal readers.

For the next few days – you can get “Macro Photography – How To Shoot Tiny Stuff” as a downloadable PDF – for only $5.00.

That is a discount of 44% off its normal price, which is going to be $8.97 – if I ever offer it on Kindle.

As you undoubtedly know, macro and close-up photography (the book covers both areas) are among the most interesting areas you can play around with.

Want to learn to TOTALLY master your camera? This is the way!

Want a fun project for a rainy day at home? This is the way!

Tired of shooting the same old stuff day after day? This is the way!

Want an unusual shot that can actually WIN photo contests? This is the way!

Learn everything you need to know to get shots that are finally going to get you “ooohs” and “aaahs” from all your friends.

Trust me, it’s pretty exciting when someone is looking at one of your photos and says, “Wow, You did that?””

You can Check it out here:

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