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Welcome to the blog, this is where you'll find posts on numerous subjects including, camera gear, horse shows, where he is next and pretty much anything that's on his mind at that moment.

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Shooting for my books in Harriman, Tn

I am going to be heading down to Harriman on Wednesday evening (6/24) and will be able to shoot outdoor portraits for my books this weekend. If you haven’t and you’d like to be included in the first couple versions of the books contact me to let me know. What Books? If you don’t know […]

Equine Photo Projects for 2015

I am looking for anyone interested in being included in my photo and subsequent book projects of 2015. I have a number of projects that I will be working on, including: 101 Horses I will be shooting horse candids at shows all season, if I have more than 101 images, the top 101 Horses will […]

I Want You for a Photo Project

Hey horse lovers… I am heading to the Dixie Nationals for the weekend and I would love to get some shots of you and your horse for my printed photo book projects. I have the 101 Horses, Girls of AQHA and Guys of AQHA projects to take shots for. If you’re at the Dixie Nationals […]

“What Camera Do You Use?”

I get asked a lot… “What camera do you use?” Most of the time I am being asked because the person asking has tried to shoot horse shows at indoor arenas and the shots don’t turn out.

It’s Almost Time for the Dixie National 2015

It’s about time for the Dixie National again. I am planning on being there for sure so I will have my eyes open looking for you. Let me know if you’re planning on being there and I will try to shoot you and post on Instagram.