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Who is Kurt Clark?

Kurt Clark

This page will tell you everything you want, or need to know about Kurt Clark… maybe even more than you really want to know, but you can read and learn as much as you want.

Kurt Clark is considered many things… professionally, he is a designer, marketer and a photographer… personally, he is a son, father and outdoorsy kind of guy… among other things.

Socially, he likes to have fun, and be around those who want to have fun. He likes to use #Kurtmoji to create fun, sometimes, graphic posts about anything and everything.

If you have any questions, contact Kurt directly here.


Professionally… Kurt has spent 25% of his life as a full-time web designer and marketing specialist at a healthcare management firm in Bloomington, Indiana… He has also spent 7+ years as a professional photographer. His 40 hour, full-time professional title is, Director of Internet Operations… which, in this case… means, Kurt is in charge of IT and software systems, technical maintenance, web and graphic design, marketing and social media management, among other things.

What is a “Director of Internet Operations”? During a normal 40 hour Monday through Friday, a “Director of Internet Operations” is found in the office, generally, designing and updating web sites, managing corporate social media accounts and keeping all on-site computer and storage systems secure, running and backed up.

Kurt is also considered a “part-time” professional photographer since he has completed numerous projects for paying clients. These past projects have included everything from portraits, to horse show and farm call, as well as various real estate projects. Kurt is not opposed to discussing, or assisting with any type of photography project… if you are interested in learning more or discussing a project, please feel free to contact him directly about your project.


Kurt is a photographer capturing images for a number of clients, in all types of genres. Feel free to browse all of Kurt’s online galleries to get a better idea of his style.

Browse all images in Kurt’s gallery


Personally… Kurt is a son of two living parents, a brother to one younger male sibling… and a father to two amazing, grown daughters.

Kurt loves to learn, and has a passion for numerous things, including his photography… especially, trying to capture moments in time, that maybe no one has ever captured. His love for the design and marketing career that he does on a professional level, have clearly sparked his passion for photography, as well as help drive his constant need to try to be more creative.

Kurt loves to be outdoors doing a multitude of things including, hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain biking and traveling to name a few. Colorado and Utah have provided some of Kurt’s favorite trips and locations to visit thus far. You can see images from a June 2017 trip to Telluride, Colorado and Moab, Utah, or all of Kurt’s current images in the gallery here.

Kurt is also a self-proclaimed, amateur, bourbon connoisseur. Living within a couple hours of Louisville, and the Kentucky bourbon trail has afforded Kurt the ability to learn about, visit and tour many of the bourbon distilleries on the bourbon trail. This has taught him many things… two of which are how to properly taste, and more importantly, enjoy the subtle flavors and nuances of the various types of bourbon that are produced today. It is very possible that Kurt’s “Non Photo Musings” category in the blog will contain posts about bourbon, distillery visits or information about bourbon… among a multitude of other, non photographic topics.


Kurt is also a blogger… He writes various posts about photography gear, how-to’s, reviews, equipment for sale, projects and other non-photography related topics. Kurt does not get paid to blog, so he can, and will literally post all types of photography and non-photography related articles in his blog… it honestly just depends on what he feels like talking about at that time.

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Read more and connect with Kurt in the Blog here.


Kurt is also a social being and an active member of various social media outlets. Be social and connect with Kurt on Social Media


If you have any questions about Kurt, contact him directly here.

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