Kurt Clark

Horsing around with a camera

Who is Kurt Clark? Kurt Clark is a father, a husband, a brother, a son and has definitely been horsing around with a camera.

Kurt uses his camera to capture all kinds of subjects, but has focused most of his attention on the many horses and riders associated with his horse show crew.

The horses and riders have become the main subject of Kurt’s images because he tends to spend most of his weekends at horse shows. Why you ask? Well, he can blame most of it on his youngest daughter Kary, she shows nearly year round at facilities throughout the South and Midwest. He has grown to love the challenge of getting good shots without any control of the light. He also loves being as creative as possible and getting the shots from various, new angles, as well as capturing candids that you normally don’t see.

This is why the phrase “Horsing around with a camera” was born.

If you have any questions for, or about Kurt, feel free to ask him on Ask.fm, he tries to answer every question he’s asked.

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You can also connect with Kurt and browse his latest shots on Instagram.