Kurt Clark

Who is Kurt Clark? Kurt Clark is an Indiana based photographer.

Kurt uses his cameras to capture all types of subjects and genres, but has recently focused most of his time on the many horses and riders associated with the AQHA.

Where Do You Want to Go?

Kurt Clark Photography
Kurt’s main site regarding his services, etc.

Kurt Clark’s Gallery
Kurt’s online gallery of sample images, etc.

Kurt Clark’s Blog
Keep tabs with Kurt’s blog where he posts his shoot locations, what he’s up to next, etc.

Kurt’s Camera and Gear Talk
Kurt’s blog about camera gear, tips, guides, etc.

Kurt’s Daily Mobile Photo Blog
Kurt’s daily “mobile only” photo blog. No “real camera” allowed.


You can also connect with Kurt and browse his latest shots on his Instagram Page, or on Instagram directly below.

Kurt Clark Equine on InstagramKurt Clark Non-Equine on Instagram

Recent Equine Instagram Images

Browse all recent images on Kurt’s Instagram page.

Recent Gallery Images

Browse all recent images in Kurt’s “Latest Additions” gallery.

Questions for Kurt?

If you have any questions for, or about Kurt, contact him directly here, or feel free to ask him on Ask.fm, he tries to answer every question he’s asked.